What do we need? Is there a need or we just need to make it happen?

As I am curating and programming Highs & Lows, evening of performances at OT301 in Amsterdam, and the questions that I ask myself when choosing work to present are multiple, I would like to re-toss inside 13 the topic that has already been touched upon in previous meetings: “there is a lack of spaces/buildings/structures for work that is …”
So my question here on the blog is: what do we want? what is needed? and more than talking about practicalities on how to get funded, how to pay the artists, how to be included or confirmed by one or the other circuit of the arts fields, here I’d like to ask for help, to make the program I am running qualitatively valid and also encouraging critique given the range of ‘styles’ that H&L hosts every month.
I would be more than happy sometime in the future to also open H&L to external curators, and would not mind beginning from 13 group, where I hope to find viewpoints that are different from my own and surely strong and valid!

I’d like to open up to more questions..a little hard before we meet, but luckily that is only a few days away! If you want to check H&L here’s a link
See you all soon!


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